Reasons why you should do gorilla tracking or habituation in Uganda

Affordable Gorilla permits

Interaction of tourists with mountain gorillas is designed to be done in two ways which include gorilla tracking and gorilla habituation. This depends on the amount of money a tourist is willing to spend and the amount of time meant to be spent on a trip. Gorilla permits for tracking costs 600 dollars while habituation costs 1,500 dollars. With gorilla tracking, you spend 1 hour with mountain gorillas compared to gorilla habituation where you spend 4 hours with our gentle cousins, that’s why charges for gorilla habituation are higher than for tracking.

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Five locations for gorilla tracking and one location for gorilla habituation

Interaction of visitors with mountain gorillas is done in 5 locations with four being located in Bwindi national park and the other in Mgahinga national park. These include Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nyakagezi while gorilla habituation is done only in Rushaga.

These different locations have different habituated Gorilla groups for our visitors in order to meet the demand of our tourism market and also, manage the carrying capacity of the park since we are eco-friendly.

Uganda has the highest number of mountain gorillas

Uganda is one of the three countries on earth to host half of the world’s mountain gorillas in both Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park meaning there are more chances for a tourist to see these gentle giants.

Availability of affordable accommodation facilities

These range from budget to luxury lodges with good quality services because of skilled and experienced workers employed in these lodges. Luxury lodges in Bwindi include Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, gorilla safari lodge, Sanctuary gorilla forest camp among others while budget lodges include Broadbill forest camp, Buhoma community forest camp, and Bwindi view bandas among others.

Hospitable people

Uganda has very welcoming and happy people with different cultures from different parts of the country. This will make you enjoy your trip to Uganda since you will feel comfortable and relaxed. The good hospitality can be witnessed through the service providers from the airport, tour guides, lodges among others so don’t worry about anything when you come to Uganda.

Experienced and skilled labor within the tourism industry

Investors in the tourism industry ensure that experienced and skilled labor is employed to ensure high quality and good service delivery. Different tourism bodies like Uganda wildlife authority train game rangers, guides among others. Uganda Hotel Owners Association also set standards for hotel owners within and around national parks to meet the required standards hence good service delivery.

Favorable climate

Uganda lies along the equator favoring the tourism industry in various ways. For example, the good climate supports farming which in return provides agricultural products to hotels and lodges within and around the Parks.

Uganda receives both dry and wet season. The dry season is the best for gorilla tracking and habituation for example from December to March and from June to October and this is because hiking becomes easy since the ground is not slippery as compared to the wet season.

Accommodation and gorilla permits rates are reduced during low season

This takes place from March to May and from October to November to attract tourists to book with them and also buy gorilla permits from Uganda wildlife authority respectively. This is an advantage to tourists who may not have enough money during the peak season.

Political stability within Uganda

With the leadership of the National Resistance Movement, the government has ensured peace and security within the country through fighting terrorism and peace talks with other countries like Sudan and Rwanda hence leading to economic development. Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa especially if you are on Safari in our magical national parks.

Good transport system

The government of Uganda has improved on-road transport, through tarmac road networks linking to various parts of the country hence leading to reduced transport accidents and efficient movement of vehicles and other road users. The good transport system also saves time for travel since the roads are in good condition.

The government also constructed airstrips in various national parks of the country to improve on air transport and this has attracted private air transport service providers like Aerolink, Eagle Air among others to provide domestic and regional air services hence improving on the transport system. Kindly contact Adyeri Creations Limited for more information about Gorilla Safaris in Uganda.