Big Five Wildlife Safaris in Uganda


Experience a unique African Big 5 safari in Uganda, at Adyeri we tailor luxury, mid-range, and budget wildlife safaris. Travelers can drive amongst lions and other wildlife as well as an enormous amount of indigenous games. Uganda is more than just an unforgettable wildlife encounter; it is home to the Big 6 animals namely lion, African elephant, African buffalo, leopard, white rhino and mountain gorillas.

Why book big 5 safaris in Uganda

The big 5 are the five most dangerous species for the hunter to pursue over the years, tourism has attracted its own spin and these animals have become the most sought after by visitors on game drives in the pearl of Africa-Uganda. The big 6, although on balance I suppose Mountain Gorillas in southwestern Uganda might also be quite dangerous to hunt simply because they live in a family of up to 20 individuals.


Facts about Big 5 animals

Lions are the largest of the African cats, adults male weighs about 180 kilograms and a female about 130 kilograms and they live up to 20 years. The leopard is a shy predator that hunts mainly at night, they hide their prey from other predators in trees and are often seen resting in the branches of trees. African buffalo are the most abundant of the big 5 and occur in large herds that can number up to 700 animals. Deceptively docile these animals are aggressive and powerful, particularly the older bulls that have been rejected from the herd. African elephants live in tightly knit family herds, led by the matriarch, a fully grown elephant weighs up to 7 tones. Rhinos are classified as white and black, although there is no real color difference between the species. White rhinos are generally larger with a flattened mouth and they feed on grass. The name white arises from the Dutch word “wid” meaning wide.

Best parks to see big 5 animals

·         Murchison Falls National Park

·         Kidepo Valley National Park

·         Queen Elizabeth National Park

·         Lake Mburo National Park