Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park

A visit to Nyungwe Forest National Park is a must for your next trip to Rwanda, with RwandaAir now flying daily from Kigali Airport to the nearby Kamembe Airport. Alternatively the trip by a car takes approximately five hours which is a good option for those who want to visit historical sites like Nyanza and Butare along the way.

Visitors to the Nyungwe National Park will be able to join excursions to view the rare species of Chimpanzees that reside in the area and can enlist the help of a guide to help them discover other animals found in the park; horticulturalists will have the opportunity to explore trails flanked by exotic flora and a multitude of different breeds of orchids.

Willing adventurers need to wake up as early as 5am for an incredible primate viewing experience and a visit to the Cyamudongo Forest because the Nyungwe Rainforest Chimpanzees wake up as early as 4am for breakfast.

Travelers to Nyungwe Forest National park have the option of staying at the Ultra-Luxury Nyungwe Forest Lodge which is set out in a tree plantation on the edge of the Nyungwe Rainforest.

For travelers looking beyond the typical Big-Five Style safari experiences on offer elsewhere in Africa and to instead set-up in a country with over 13 primate species and the endangered mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park then you ought to look no further and pack up for a Safari in Rwanda.

Nyugwe Forest National park is the largest middle altitude rainforest in Africa with over 13 primate species, 275 bird species and over 240 tree species and boasts one of the highest biodiversity levels anywhere in the world.