Walking on the Wild Side

What exactly is a walking safari?

A walking safari is the purest way to experience the bush and fully immerse yourself in nature. On a walking safari, you become a participant in the action, rather than a spectator.  Guided by Africa’s best and most highly trained guides, a walking safari puts you on equal terms with Africa’s wildest animals, making it a unique and thrilling experience. Walking along footpaths created by wildlife, serenaded by birdsong, with the smell of the bush in the air; a walking safari awakens your senses and encourages you to appreciate things you never would have even noticed from the comfort of a game vehicle. You can also get to remote areas of the bush on foot that are inaccessible by vehicle.

Walking safaris generally last for a few days and involve walking several hours a day, with breaks, and sleeping in tents setup in a temporary bush camp at night. In this way, you become truly removed from civilization and can experience the bush in all its untainted glory. Don’t be put off by the word ‘tent’ though! Some of the more bespoke walking safaris destinations offers some serious glamping options.

Where’s the best place for a walking safari?

Wilderness Forest Walk, Kenya

Location: Kitich Camp, Matthews Mountain Range Forest.
Terrain: Mountains rising 7,000ft out of arid lowlands covered in dense, dewy, tropical forest (“sky island”).
Wildlife: Elephant, bushbuck, buffalo, cycads, butterflies, turacos, wild orchids and stunning bird life. Tracks of lions and melanistic leopards.
Difficulty: Daily walks with local Samburu guides range from moderate to challenging (day-long) treks.


Kenneth Mwandara

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