Shocking Discovery footage shows chimps eating monkey

The 'warrior apes': Shocking footage reveals 200 strong gang of Ugandan chimpanzees waging war on rivals, hunting down and eating monkeys and even beating up their own members

Little by little, the chimpanzees of Ngogo have slaughtered their way to the top.
With a community of more than 200 members, the Ngogo chimps in the Ugandan rainforest are said to be the most brutal troop in the world, often waging violent attacks on neighbouring tribes to expand their territory.
A new Discovery documentary has provided a captivating glimpse into the lives of these ‘warrior apes,’ following the group for 23 years to reveal their human-like complexity as the chimps hunt, fight, and support each other.
In one shocking clip, several chimps can be seen cooperating to take down a monkey – and later dividing the kill amongst themselves.

Researchers have observed the chimps at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda for decades, watching as they’ve grown from a population of 142 in 1996, to more than 200 today.
Even 20 years ago, their numbers were ‘far more than the largest previously known community anywhere,’ David Watts, co-director of the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project, explains in the video.
While it was once thought that chimps may only resort to hunting when they’re hungry – if there isn’t enough fruit around – the observations revealed that the truth is ‘exactly the opposite.’

Disturbing footage shows several males hunting a monkey, cooperating to corner it up in a tree and grab it from behind.

And, once they’d captured and killed their prey, the chimpanzees divvied up the meal.

‘Each took an arm or a leg, and they literally started drawing and quartering this monkey [as if to say] “Here’s a leg – it’s yours,”’ Watts says in the documentary.

Another shocking clip shows the chimps ganging up on a member of their own group, beating and kicking him.


Kenneth Mwandara

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