What is included in an Adyeri Creations Safari?

A safari with Adyeri Creations offers visitors the opportunity to visit a number of national parks in prime locations in the East African jungles, discover insights into the environment with a trained local guide, as well as an unparalleled viewing of African wildlife (including the Mountain Gorillas and the famed Big Five)

In addition, daily game drives are included, as well as your selection of the many optional activities on offer dependent on the itinerary.

In the spirit of warm African hospitality, all your meals and drinks are provided so you’re free to relax and enjoy your safari.

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Types of safari

A safari with Adyeri Creations is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Depending on your interests and desires, and time of year you wish to visit, there’s a safari experience to suit you. Whether you’re looking for something romantic and intimate, or even something a little more active, it’s entirely up to you. If it’s a family experience you’re after, some of our safari itineraries cater specifically to creating a magical experience for all ages, while others might want a more private safari experience for a small group.

In addition, Adyeri Creations also offers guests the opportunity to combine an authentic bush safari with an adrenaline adventure in Jinja

What is there to do on safari?

Adyeri Creations’s safari itineraries are ideally designed to offer an incredible wildlife experience of East Africa, as well as the beauty and serenity of the landscapes.
Our safari holidays offer unparalleled and unforgettable wildlife experiences, from the mountain Gorillas, Big 5, birding and more.

In addition to daily game drives, Uganda boasts of many activities, including hiking mountain Rwenzori, walking safaris, and meaningful cultural experiences and relaxing on the shores of the River Nile amongst others.

What is a typical day on safari like?

Life on safari has a rhythm of its own, largely dictated by the animals’ movements. Generally, the most rewarding times for game viewing is in the cooler early mornings and also late in the afternoons when the animals are at their most active.

A typical day on safari will vary depending on the camp you’re staying at, but will include early morning and late afternoon game drives, with time during the hottest part of the day to relax in camp.

Is it safe to go on safari

Absolutely. Our safety practices and procedures are not only effective in managing any emergency situation but also in preventing any unsafe situations from occurring both on safari and outside in the bush.

Additionally, our partner camps and lodges maintain strict operational safety protocols, which all guests are briefed on upon arrival. In the unlikely event that a medical situation does occur, there is a 24-hour medical back up facility available with all our major partner lodges and camps in all our operating countries to ensure that our guests are safe from the environment and any unknown medical threats.

Can I bring my children along on safari?

Without question! Family safaris in Africa are a worthwhile and meaningful experience. Aside from spending quality time with your nearest and dearest under a wide blue African sky, a safari in Africa offers invaluable experiences including unique cultural experiences, memorable wildlife sightings, and the opportunity to learn more about nature.

How does the weather influence a safari?

While a safari holiday can be done at any time of year, it is worth noting that seasonality will impact the type of experience you’re likely to have as well as the cost of your safari.

During the dry season, the wildlife tends to congregate around the few remaining watering holes. Vegetation at this time is sparse making the animals easier to spot.

The wet season is abundant both in vegetation and wildlife, as this is the birthing season – which means predators come out in force to prey on vulnerable newborns.

Whichever season you choose to travel in you can be rest assured that we shall always strive to offer you a memorable experience of Uganda and Rwanda.

What happens on a game drive?

Game drives are an integral part of any safari. You’ll head out into the wilderness with your trained and knowledgeable guide in one of our specialized vehicles. We have both closed and open-sided vehicles and try to have no more than six guests in one vehicle, so everyone is guaranteed a window seat for the best view of the action. Our safari vehicles also have the added benefit of charging stations to ensure your gadgetry is never at a loss, and a cooler to ensure you’ll have a cold beverage or two along the way.

Private vehicles can be arranged in advance at an additional cost.

Is WiFi available?

It is important to note that while wifi is available at some of the lodges, it is more than likely not at the same fast speeds that you may be used to, but sufficient for checking emails and keeping in touch with home.

Can I charge my phone? What type of plugs do I need?

Electricity is available at 220/240 volts AC, 50 Hz. Primary Socket Type: British BS- 1363 (British Standard). Adaptor plugs will be available in some lodges but we advise that you bring at least one with you.

Please be aware that the power supply is subject to cuts and voltage fluctuations even in major cities!

On safari most of the lodges are powered by generators or solar panels and these are often turned off during parts of the day and night to reduce noise and fuel consumption. Please also note that in most camps and lodges, power sockets for charging are only available in the main area.

What is the accommodation like?

Most of the lodges and camps feature stylish and authentic tented suites in keeping with the classic safari experience. Dependent on the package, each room has a main bedroom with an ensuite shower, toilet and basin, decorated to reflect an authentic safari style while providing the necessary amenities and furnishings to provide a comfortable retreat.

Electricity is a precious resource in the bush and is supplied largely from solar power and generators, so not all camps can support hairdryers.

How safe is my money with Adyeri Creations?

You can rest assured your money is safe with Adyeri Creations because we are a dully registered travel agency in Uganda and proof on this can be can be provided upon request.

All down payments and bookings are processed through an easy and secure online payments gateway that has put in place stringent procedures to safe guard your credit card details.