A trip to Uganda, is not complete without visiting the River Nile, Bujagali and Upper Nile

Located on the northern shores of lake Victoria above the Ripon falls, the town is one of Uganda's largest towns and lies about 80 km east of Kampala overlooking the point where the Nile flows out of Lake Victoria, and probably, it is the Nile that is attracting more people other than the town itself.

It will take us about 3 hours to get to the Source of the Nile due to the various stops. Explore the Nile and later drive up to Jinja Nile resort hotel for a hearty buffet lunch.
Relax at the hotel and have a quick swim if desired, before driving to the Spectacular Bujagali Falls.
With the biggest rafts on the river, you will see how those who are rafting are able to safely conquer the most challenging rapids, watch the local fishermen and the fantastic bird life. The journey is not complete without a brief tour around Jinja town to have a look at the old beautiful colonial buildings and Jinja market.

In the evening, you can depart for Kampala which is ideally a one and a half hours journey.


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