Experience Lake Mburo this festive season

Lake Mburo is the smallest savannah national park in Uganda located in Mbarara district covering an area of 371km2. It takes 3.5 hours to reach the park and it’s a short distance from the highway which links Kampala to other national parks in southwestern Uganda like Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park, and Queen Elizabeth national park.

It’s also, a good season where tourists enjoy game drives very well through observing different species of animals, birds, landscape and boat cruise on the lake among others because the planes are open. This is because of the too much sun during this season which makes the vegetation dry hence favoring good observation and photo taking. Come enjoy Africa’s sun during the festive season.


The festive season in Uganda

This is the season where every person feels its presence yearly in Uganda-it’s a season where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Schools get holidays from lower to higher institutions of learning, families move to their ancestral homes, parties are organized everywhere and this is the busiest season across the country. Come visit Lake Mburo national park this festive season and feels Uganda’s vibe during this season full of joy and excitement.

Attractions within the park

This is the smallest savannah park in Uganda but it’s endowed with a variety of wildlife. The park has a variety of habitats ranging from dry hillsides, seasonal and permanent swamps, rocky outcrops, and bushy thickets, open and wooded savannah to forests all hosting different species of animals. The park has mammals like zebras, giraffe, buffaloes, impala, oribis, eland, defassa, topi, and hyena among many others.

The park has 313 species of birds like the rare shoebill stock, white-winged warbler, Nubian woodpecker, black-bellied bustard, red-necked spur, black-billed barbet, crested francolin, African wattled plover, Southern red bishop, and Coqui francolin among others.

Wetland surface area covers 20% of the park’s total surface area and wetlands inform of lake and swamps all attracting hippos and crocodiles. Swamps act as habitat to papyrus specialists like Sitatunga antelope, red, black and yellow papyrus gonoleck.

The park has a beautiful landscape characterized by rolling hills, beautiful Lakeshore, forests, swamps, grassy valleys homes to various animal species.

Activities in Lake Mburo national park

Game drives

Lake Mburo is served with different tracks along which different savannah animals are seen during the game drive. Some of these savannah animals include Impalas which are easily seen along Impala track, giraffe, zebras, topis, eland, bushbucks, bush duikers, leopards, hyenas, and so many others.

Boat trips

The Lake has a lot to offer to our visitors and these can only be seen by going for a boat trip. The lake has different animal species, plants, and birds. Lake Mburo is home to animals like hippos, crocodiles, birds like pelicans, fish eagles, herons, rare fin foot shoebill storks, and many others. This excursion takes two hours so be ready to sight crocodiles and hippos.

Forest walk

This small forest has a variety of forest birds to offer to our visitors. You walk under the closed canopy of the forest with the ranger guide in the forest who helps our visitors to identify different forest birds. Different tree species are also observed during this activity.


Lake Mburo has about six fish species like tilapia, mudfish, and lungfish among others. Visitors can actively participate in fishing at the campsite instead of just seeing other fishermen from neighboring communities fishing. This ensures relaxation for the tourists during their stay at the Lake.

Nature walks

Tourists move with the armed guide in specific trails meant for nature walks. The guide explains nature to the clients as they see different components of nature like vegetation, wild animals, birds, insects among others.


Lake Mburo national park being small in size, it has 3 public camping sites, tents at Rwonyo at the park headquarters. For those willing to have a luxury experience at Lake Mburo national park, there are two luxury lodges like Mantana Luxury tented camp and Mihingo lodge. To avoid inconvenience, please book with Adyeri creations in advance so we can tailor your safari this festive season.