Wildlife Safaris @ Queen Elizabeth National Park-Western Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in southwestern Uganda about 380 km from Kampala, second largest national park occupies 1980km2 set against the rift valley on the backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains. A variety of habitats, including savannah grassland, water bodies, forest, acacia, wetlands and abundant wildlife with a checklist of more than 600 bird species.

What to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game Drive
wildlife safari experience through Kasenyi Plains or the ishasha sector offers a good chance of seeing sitatuga antelopes, warthog, savannah elephants, lions, leopards, civet, water bucks, topis among others. Taking an experienced guided game drive in the morning or evening is the most successful way to track wide range of mammals in their natural habitat.


Chimpanzee tracking and Kyambura gorge hiking
commonly known as the valley of Apes is another place you should visit on your safari at the park is the dramatic gorge on the eastern side of the park. The experience is more than trekking chimpanzees in their natural habitat, when you take a nature walk in the valley you will be amazed by the landscape of the gorge due to its depth about 120 meters deep, rich in more than 8 primate species namely habituated chimpanzee, baboon, red-tailed monkey, black and white colobus and abundant bird watching.

Kazinga Channel Launch Trips
A 32 kilometer stretch of water that divides the park into two sections the northern section and the southern section, launch trips along the Kazinga Channel rewards you with sights of a diversity of bird species as well as wildlife like hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, elephants among others.

The great variety of habitats in Queen Elizabeth National Park supports a remarkable 606 species of birds namely egret, flamingo, kingfisher, falcons, eagles, Black bee-eater, white winged warbler, African broadbill, African skimmer, shoebill stork among others. Birding at the park is an incredible excursion as it has a variety of habitats that range from lakeshore, swamp, grassland to lowland forest.


Wildlife Research
This new and unique experience allows visitors to join a research team and to actively participate in monitoring certain animal species, their behavior... The tours last between one and three hours and take place early morning or evening. The research tourism activities currently available are lion tracking, mongoose tracking and bird counts.

Where to stay


·         Mweya  Safari Lodge

·         Kyambura Game Lodge

·         Ishasha Wilderness Camp


·         Enganzi Game Lodge

·         Kingfisher Lodge

·         Bush Lodge


·         Kazinga Channel View Resort

·         Simba Safari Lodge

·         Pumba Safari Cottages