5 Days Kidepo National Park Wildlife Safari

This five days wildlife safari takes you through kidepo Valley National Park located in the magnificent North Eastern part of Uganda and South Sudan to the northwest and only 5 km from the eastern border with Kenya. It’s one of the country’s alluring safari destination, rugged mountain scenery and a wilderness atmosphere with good gem viewing in the Narus Valley with its dense population of lions, buffaloes, elephants, deffasa water buck antelopes, spotted hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, and many small mammals. Five primate species have been recorded including the localized Patas Monkey

Patas monkey

patas monkey.jpg
patas monkey 2.jpg

Southern Ground Hornbill

An unmistakable, black, turkey – sized hornbill with a large, black bill, distinctive, bare red skin on the face and the throat and bright red eyes. Sexes similar but female has an additional small, blue patch of bare skin below the bill. Immature is brown-black with a shorter bill. Usually found in pairs or small family parties, walking through the open, looking for snakes, lizards and large insects   the southern ground hornbill is a rare bird species can survive in arid areas and wooded grasslands

sothern ground hornbill.png
sothern ground hornbill on a snake.png


A very conspicuous and noisy weaver.  The upperparts are brown, with pale edging of the feather, giving it a distinctive, mottled effect. The upper parts are pale, with brown mottling. The eyes are pale blue. Sexes similar, locally occurs in noisy flocks, feeding on the ground. Habitat in dry woodlands and grassland wih scattered trees.

rufous tailed weaver.jpg


What to see and do at the park.

1.     Self drive game drives.

2.     Narus valley;

Apoka safari lodge and Rest Camp both lie in the prime game viewing territory of the Narus valley.

3.     Kidepo valley;

It is completely dry for 95% of the year and its 50m wide course in a swathe of white sand. The Karatarok hot spring on the south Sudan border  is a key event

4.     Guided hikes;

Guided walks around the Apoka area in hope of seeing more common species like Elephants, Zebras, Waterbucks and Hartebeest.

5.     Game drives;

Game drives led by highly knowledgeable driver / guides from Adyeri Creations.


 Where to stay

1.     Apoka Safari Lodge

2.     Nga’moru wilderness camp

3.     Apoka resort camp