Kyambura Gorge Lodge @ Queen Elizabeth National Park

                                              KYAMBURA GORGE LODGE


The lodge is about 1km north of Kichwamba trading center, the architecturally innovative lodge consists of a main building converted from abandoned coffee shed and half-dozen spacious cottages whose eclectic African décor s influenced by local building styles, your besides table might be a ramshackle stand created from a converted old cable drum.

On the floor of the great African western Rift Valley, the Kyambura river flowing into the valley over millions of years has carved a deep gorge between the valley walls and the Kazinga channel. An underground riverine forest here is home to a wide range of wildlife including chimpanzees. A nature walk into the gorge is an experience of dramatic change from the savanna grassland to lush forest.

The stunning kyambura gorge is also called the valley of Apes, this gorge is actually drained by River Kyambura. The landscape is among the most impressive you will find in Uganda and its rich bio-diversity that comprises of primates, birds and wild animals.

The stylish bandas also have a contemporary theme with the accent on the local art facts re imagined in a new context. Each banda offers a unique view either across the gorge or the savanna.   

What to see at the lodge

Chimpanzee Tracking:

Some of the chimpanzees in the gorge have been habituated, and the process took 2 years meaning that these chimpanzees are familiar with humans and can carry on their day to day activities in the presence of humans


Bird Watching:

Characterized by wooded savannah, the Kyambura gorge in the west and the Kazinga channel in the north. Some of the birds at Gorge are marabou stock, saddle billed stock, shoebill stock, African skimmer, sarced Ibis, red necked francolin, gulls, terns, white browed coucal and many more.


Guided Nature and Forest walks:

Three different guided walks can be undertaken from the visitors, the most straightforward trail loops around the forest shore of Lake Kyasanduka for dedicated bird watchers the second rewarding walk is likely to be at Lake Nyamasigiri, which comprises of five interlocking crater lakes and extends over 4km2. The third hike leads to a large cave that host large colony of bats, as a well as a few rock pythons that feed on them.

Access to the Kyambura Gorge:

An isolated strip of riparian forest in the 100m deep Kyambura river gorge, which runs 16km on the park’s eastern boundary with Kyambura wildlife reserve, the confined nature of the forested gorge makes it quiet easy to locate chimps by sound.



International and local cuisine

Swimming pool

Communal lodge area

Cosy sofa area

Large bed with walk in net and self-contained bathrooms

Villagers sing in the nights and mosque calls provide an early morning wake up