Nkuringo Gorilla Campsite @ Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

                             NKURINGO GORILLA CAMPSITE

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 Nkuringo Gorilla Campsite is just a few kilometers before Kisoro town council.  The magnificent safari lodge is spotted in the hazy hills. By design established on the shores of Lake Mutanda adjust to the Mushengero peninsular overlooking the prominent Virunga Volcanoes .The position of the lodge gives a chance to view the Nkuringo family of gorillas along with the Mgahinga Gorilla groups around the Camp.

The old Nkuringo community campground is unrecognizable in its new private run incarnation as a borderline upmarket lodge whose rooms have generous dimensions, vibrant décor and the homely atmosphere, the lodge remains the most stunning site with views north across Bwindi towards Buhoma village, Lake Edward and the Rwenzori, & the Virungas to the south.  

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The most exciting aspect about this camp is the Bafumbira with their local brew that tastes so sweet. They dress according to their culture and most of them have smoking pipes, this is just to keep them warm because of the changing weather. They are always carrying their luggage with a long stick for protection.


There accommodation is excellent with self-contained tented rooms along with cottages.
Bar and Restaurant

The safari lodge is well known for its fully stocked bar along with a restaurant that serves both international and local cuisine.

Tourism Activities at Nkuringo

The major activity is tracking the Nkuringo Gorilla family:

Nkuringo is the most physically challenging of all Gorilla-tracking locations. Unlike the existing tracking sites at Buhoma and Mgahinga, there is no vehicle access from the Nteko Ridge to the park boundary which follows the Kashasha River. The original Nkuringo group now consists of 12 individuals including three silverbacks.

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Guided nature walks:

The community walk activity provides insights into the Bakiga life and culture, with visits to a traditional healer, blacksmith, brewer and homestead in the vicinity of the Nkuringo village


Visit the Pygmies (Batwa Community):

The Batwa (singular Mutwa) are a pygmies people easily distinguished from the other Ugandans by their short stature – an adult male seldom is around 1.5 m in height and paler more bronzed complexion. The tradition of the Batwa lifestyle is based around hunting, which is undertaken as a team effort by the male members of the community, usually using nets and poisoned arrows. Batwa men also gather wild honey, while women gather edible plants to supplement the meat.

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 Bird watching