Bwindi Jungle Lodge

                  BWINDI JUNGLE LODGE

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With the breathtaking views of Lake Mulehe near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is Bwindi jungle Lodge. As you enter into the gates, you are ushered into the Lounge with cool breezes of the Lake.

Bwindi jungle Lodge is located on Lake Mulehe about 10km from Kisoro town along the road to Rubuguli, about 20km from the Southern gate of Bwindi National Park in Rushaga and Nkuringo. The lodge was constructed using the local volcanic stones and timber. On the entry into the lodge is the restaurant and bar as well as the fire place. The main building also has a verandah overlooking the Lake and the design and architecture utilize the local tradition of volcanic.


The lodge has 4 cottages, all en-suite and on raised platforms overlooking Lake Mulehe. Out of the 4, one is double while other three are twin cottages. The lodge is not planning on having the family rooms at the moment and they intend to keep it small and homely.

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All the cottages have drinking water in the rooms, flash lights, rechargeable lamp just in case the power goes off with bedside lamps and reading tables.

In all the cottages, the bathrooms have showers, one sink, and flash toilet, cold and hot running water. The food is good as well as the service and management.

Bwindi Jungle Lodge uses a clean source of energy. Solar systems give hot water to all cottages. All bulbs are of low energy consumption. Cooking is provided with clean sources like gas and alternative charcoal. The lodge is built using the local materials and local knowledge of volcanic stones.

Our visit at the lodge coincided with World Forest Day and we were able to plant the trees around the lodge as well as flowers. The exotic trees are being replaced with indigenous trees.


Gorilla tracking: The lodge is close to Nkuringo, Rushaga and Rushaga gorilla families. The drive takes any where between 1 hour to 1 hr 20 minutes.

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Golden Monkey tracking: With less than 30 minutes drive from Kisoro, clients here can as well track golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park.

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Currently the lodge is still working and developing the activities which still need to be developed more. There are canoe excursions taking you to River Mucha that connects Lake Mulehe and Lake Mutanda spotting few birds there. Once fully developed, the community walk will go to the projects that they are about to identify. The time we were there, we were entertained by Bakiga cultural dances in the evening.

Hiking:  Nature walks into the national can be arranged at the usual rate, but the steep nature of the descent makes it a less-appealing prospect than at the other trailheads. Nkuringo is a superbly scenic area with great potential for hiking outside the forest, though the possibilities for haphazard exploration are pretty limited. The steep nature of the Nteko Ridge means that the main alternative for the pleasant stroll are either west along the ridge-top road towards DRC or east towards Rubugeri.

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Getting there:
Aero link Uganda operates daily flights from Entebbe to Kisoro. The lodge is 20 minutes drive from Kisoro Airstrip. Either from Kisoro Airstrip or Kisoro town, drive on the road  to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and take your right after Mucha River to Lake Mulehe.

If you are using public means, you can also take a bus from Kampala Bus Park to Kisoro and from there you can get a taxi to the lodge following the above directions.

The lodge also offers pick-ups to and from Kisoro, in case you need one, you can contact the us and the arrangements will be made.